One of the common pain points of all small businesses is to reach new prospects and remain visible to their target audience. The lack of resources that includes budget, time, and people creates a really challenging situation for small business owners to compete against large enterprises.

Thankfully, there are a number of cost-effective marketing tools that small businesses can use to establish a strong foothold in the market. Leading the charge is signage. Signage solutions have long been used by businesses to implement their brand identity across all the corners of their vicinity. Unfortunately, small businesses are often skeptical to invest in signage for they believe that it requires hefty investment and is something exclusively reserved for wealthy brands.

Signage is one of the cheapest marketing tools in terms of ROI. While some signage solutions require a hefty upfront investment, there are a number of cost-effective solutions that small businesses can easily get started with.

At BlinkSigns, we provide a wide range of custom signage solutions to businesses of all sizes and budgets. In this article, we are listing some cost-effective signage ideas for small businesses.

A-Frame Signs

Commonly known as SANDWICH BOARDS or SIDEWALK SIGNS, A-frame sign is the most cost-effective signage solution for small businesses. Not only that they are cheap, but they are also easy to use and content can be replaced when required. A-frame signs are amongst the earliest form of signage and they are still very effective, particularly when a business cannot invest in any supporting signage at the point of sale. Studies have revealed that placing A-frame signs strategically can boost sales by 8.3%, making them a very lucrative investment in terms of ROI.

Wall Murals, Prints, and Graphics Materials

Custom make wall murals and window graphics are also amongst the best cost-effective tools to reach new prospects and explore new opportunities for your business. There are several studies that have revealed that beautiful indoor settings can increase brand awareness and also impact the customer’s perception of your brand. Depending on your business, and the products and services you are offering, you can choose from a wide range of printing signs and graphics such and window graphics, floor graphics, promotional gifts are more.

Monument Signs:

When it comes to cost per impression, monument signs offer promising results. Monument signs when combined with beautiful designs can give your business a bold and dignified look. Since every one of us spends a great deal of time on the roads, monument signs offer a guaranteed audience  Monuments Signs are generally installed near roadways or sidewalks and are generally built large enough so that they can be noticed from a distance.