Your company’s vehicles are certainly a valuable asset for you and having them wrongly vinyl wrapped is a nightmare that you want to avoid at all costs. As being a leading vinyl vehicle wrap installer in Cleveland and Columbus, we aim to help businesses make the right decision before having their fleet covered in colors. 

Why Leave Car Wrapping to The Pros? 

Vehicle signage can help you grab attention and become the talk of the town. Having said that, it is important to note that the vehicle wrapping industry isn’t governed by any committee or authority and anyone can become a vehicle wrap installer. Meaning, choosing a rookie installer will only get your money down the drain but a poorly designed and badly installed wrap can cause more harm than good to your brand.

If you are looking for a quality vehicle wrap installation solution for your brand that not only drives attention but also stands the test of time; here are some things to look for in the installer. 

Materials and Quality: 

Since Vehicle wrapping is a long-term commitment and is something you don’t want to get redone every other day, it is important to question the installer on what materials they’ll use on your vehicle. Ask about the brand and quality as well as make sure that the installer uses both vinyl and laminate. The laminate is what keeps the vinyl together and ensures longevity. 3M, Avery, and orafol are amongst the top brands for car wraps. 

Look at the Portfolio 

Portfolios are a great way for companies to demonstrate their competencies and showcase their work to prospective customers. It presents evidence of relevant skills and abilities. Before signing a contract with the vinyl installer, you should look at their portfolio and examples of their prior projects. This will help you get an idea of their expertise, printing quality and company’s approach to design and usability.  

Experienced In-House Designers

As with every other form of signage, design is the crucial aspect of a van or car signage. While a company’s portfolio will give you an idea of its approach to design, it is also important to consider that if the company has an in-house own design team. The in-house design team ensures consistency as you get to work with the actual artisans who are going to design your project and there is no communication gap.  

Check for Warranties

There are plenty of good installers out there but even the best installers can make mistakes. Many times, the material turns out to be faulty or the installation is not up to the mark. At BlinkSigns, we offer warranty cover for all our signage products. This ensures credibility and gives you complete peace of mind. Don’t hesitate to ask the installer about the warranty duration and terms and conditions. 

Vehicle Wraps by Blink Signs

Vehicle label signs are still very effective and remain a popular avenue for marketers and advertisers. At Blink Signs, we have adorned hundreds of vehicles with beautiful wraps. We provide Custom solutions. Call us today to get our services.