Restaurants are a tasty business (pun intended) and as soon as you have one set up, your marketing and your food do the talking. One of the most important aspects of marketing your restaurant is an outdoor sign. Your restaurant signs need to stand out from the rest and pique the interest of your clients. We’ve picked up a few tricks and tips for you to help you market your restaurant signs better:

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Size matters for your restaurant signs:

The bigger the better. Your restaurant signs need to be visible from a distance. If it’s in a tourist-heavy area, you can use billboards, car top signs and etc to intrigue the hungry tourists. If you are using roadside signs and billboards, please use language that is easily understood by tourists and local people alike.

Experiment with the angles:

Don’t just stick to a storefront position for your restaurant signs. Experiment! Consider placing signage at eye level height or a little higher on your windows. You can go for an A-frame sign, provided its not made invisible by the passersby and cars on the street. If you have a corner restaurant, you can experiment with all kinds of angles for that. Make sure you comply with the city and area regulations on signage placement.

Work with the space available

What happens when your storefront doesn’t accommodate any signs such as custom directional signs? Well, you just have to work with what’s available then. You can add colorful markers on your windows to really attract the consumer. You can also place a memorable or iconic object painted with your logo on the front like a car or work with a unique landscape. As long as you stick to city regulations, you can go to town with this and get really creative.

Add some action

It’s all about the movement. Attract your customers with a moving or animated sign. Digital signs are slowly taking over the signage world. These can add running messages to your restaurant signs and extra effects like animations and special effects. You can also opt for flashing LED signs or alphabets with different colored lighting.

Advertise around the clock

Our favorite line to use when talking about signs is: “Your sign is your 24/7 salesman”. Notice the term 24/7. You need to be advertising your restaurant day and night. The quick fix for this is an LED restaurant sign. You can use the sign in daylight and in the night (even when the business has closed). Another option is to use overhead lighting to really illuminate that sign throughout the dark hours.

There you have it. That is a basic list to make sure your restaurant signs shine above the rest! If you need help designing and getting restaurant signs made, feel free to get in touch with us!