Types of Lighted Exterior Signs – Here are BlinkSign’s Top 4

Exterior lighted signs are hard to ignore or be overlooked. Especially in the evenings when you are driving around town, the colorful and bright placards can grab your attention and make a lasting impact. This is why lighted exterior LED signs are crucial to a business’ visual branding. Apart from boosting your discoverability and visibility, a well-made illuminated sign also gives the perception of prestige. It makes your brand looks classy and also makes your business stand out in the crowded marketplace. 

Illuminated signage is a great investment for almost any business. If your business relies on nightlife, having an illuminated exterior sign can certainly increase your sales.  At BlinkSigns, we provide illuminated and non illuminated exterior signage solutions to brands across a wide range of industries. In this article, we are listing down our fav 5 types of illuminated exterior business signs.

1. Cabinet Signs or Lightbox Signs

Cabinet Signs or Lightbox signs are amongst the popular exterior signs. These signs can be internally illuminated using fluorescent lamps or LED lights shining through a transparent panel. The panel can contain a logo, name, or any other relevant information that you want to provide to your prospective customers. These signs are surprisingly inexpensive and stand out well both during the day and at night when the lights are turned on, making your business 24/7 show. 

2. Channel Letters with Front-Lit or Face-Illumination

Font-lit channel letters commonly known as illuminated letter faces are the most popular choice in channel signage. The surface is made of translucent acrylic and the light source is placed within the letters to draw attention during the days and nights. Illuminated letters offer great readability and visibility over long distances. Face-illuminated logos and letters give your brand a pristine look and make the messaging clear and crisp. 

3.Neon Signs

Neon signs have been around for a long time, and they have a classic look with a retro feel to them. They create a brilliant, pleasant glow that few other lighting systems can match, and they can be used both inside and out. Neon signs appear friendlier than LED. The light neon emits is warm and welcoming. LED lights may be brighter but, they can appear cold, rigid, and harsh on the eyes. However, owing to their weight, fragile nature, and power requirement, Neon signs can only be installed by experts. Make sure that the firm you are working with has neon installation specialists, as improper installation can cause damages.

4. Electronic Messaging Centres

For instant messaging EMCs are a good option as you can display and update information quickly on the screens. EMCs can be built into monuments, installed on buildings, or can be freestanding. They can be configured to change at interval speeds and can display a variety of messages. EMCs are comparable to TV screens in the sense that they come in a number of sizes and display resolutions. LED readerboards are another name for EMCs. Advertisement scrolling messages are displayed on this form of LED signage. 

Exterior Signs By BlinkSigns

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