Without a shred of doubt, the most valuable commodity of the 21st century is data. Economists call it the new gold, Forbes refers it to as the new oil, and clairvoyants call it the future. 

However, despite the hype, many small- to medium-sized enterprises have failed to use the power of data. This is primarily because most of these companies still have not acknowledged data as a business asset. On top of that, many businesses are still struggling with how to leverage real-time data feeds to boost sales.

Smart digital signage software is a powerful tool to help businesses harness the power of real-time data. At BlinkSigns, we offer the best digital signage software that will take your real-time data feeds and turn them into solutions that will boost your business.

In this article, we will look at examples of how real-time data feeds can help businesses and how our cloud digital signage software will help your business get its message out in a more effective way.

The Power of Data

Back in 2012, Harvard Business Review claimed, “Data Scientist – The sexiest job of the 21st century.” We all owe data scientists as they are assisting medical researchers in the fight against COVID-19. However, no one owes more to data engineers than businessmen and entrepreneurs. Data has helped businesses to identify which of their marketing plans drive conversion and focus on channels that deliver better results, ultimately leading to an improved return on investment.

According to a survey by ZoomInfo, 78% of the organizations said data-driven marketing increased their lead conversion and also improved customer acquisition.

Example of Data Usage

DirectTV, an American direct broadcast satellite service provider, used various data points to identify a specific market – people who have recently moved to a new home. Data-driven marketing research also helped them find out that consumers tend to switch their service providers when they move.

With the help of the right information at their hands, the company launched a personalized version of their homepage, tailored to those visitors. And guess what? Data-driven versions outperformed the standard version and even worked better than other offerings such as $300 gift cards.

Integrating Real-Time Data with Smart Digital Signage Software

Digital signage has emerged as an effective marketing medium. Kiosks, self-service menu boards and other digital signage applications are becoming increasingly popular as they provide a personalized experience to customers.

However, digital signage is only effective if it successfully grabs your audience’s attention. This is the age of on-demand service; nobody wants to wait. This means that designs and content feed must be updated regularly. The best thing about digital signage is that, as opposed to traditional signage such as billboards, you have the opportunity to change the content in real-time — and the right digital signage software solution can use data to target your customers directly.

Also, with the help of content management systems and data streams, you don’t have to hire a team of content creators to keep your information up-to-date as automation will not only update content regularly, but will also set parameters to ensure that the content is being programmed consistently. Cloud digital signage software from BlinkSigns offers innovative digital display solutions that engage customers, improve branding and increase revenue.




Liverpool F.C. is one of the giants of the English Primer League – the top division soccer league of England. The club recently installed an additional 32 digital signage screens around the stadium, inside the club, and at places where they have massive fan bases.

The screens are used to keep fans up-to-date, promote sponsorships and increase fan engagement. Real-time data feeds are used to welcome, advertise, inform and entertain.

The club management strategically uses these screens for many purposes such as communicating live scores, latest news, fixtures of the upcoming matches, player profiles and other messages for fans. The club has experienced an increase in fan enthusiasm as live data content feeds are relevant and highly targeted. Broadcasting software is being used to produce, manage and distribute real-time data. 

Digital Signage Software Solutions for Retailers and Other Businesses

Being a leading supplier of digital signage solutions in the United States, clients often ask us for content suggestions for their custom exterior signage screens. As a part of our brand management services, we have helped many clients improve user experience and maximize their rate of return and net profit with the right content and the right marketing strategy. Our cloud-based digital signage software can be used in a variety of ways for retailers and other businesses.

Here are some suggestions that we have provided to different clients:

1) Using Weather Data to Personalize Offers: 

Live weather feeds when powered with the right marketing content can improve your sales in real-time. For instance, you could have digital signage installed at your apparel store that displays the weather forecast and says, “Hey it’s going to be freezing in the night; better get a jacket first.”

Or you could install a screen outside your café that says, “It’s 89.6°F; Boost your energy levels with our strawberry milkshake.” A short video of chilling strawberry shake in that heat would be jaw-dropping.

Grocery stores can use weather feeds to promote their products too. If the weather forecast shows rain for a few days, a friendly message saying, “Hey, get an umbrella for the showers that are expected,” would benefit customers and sales.

2) News and Current Event Feeds for Audience Engagement:

Most of us have a favorite channel that we tune into to find out the latest happenings in the world. We have installed apps in digital signs that cover major news sites. Adding news channels to a digital signage playlist helps you keep customers engaged and informed while preventing them from loitering around the screen. Live updates from sporting events, elections or any other major happenings are also a good idea.

3) Live Travel Information:

If you have a café or store near the airport, railway station or bus stop, you can use live travel information to boost user engagement. For instance, if a flight has been delayed, you can communicate it to customers in real-time with a slight sales pitch that nudges them to buy coffee as they’ll have to wait for a little longer. 

4) Live User-Generated Content:

If a customer has left a positive review about your special burger just now on your Facebook page or Yelp, how about displaying it on the screen in real-time? Show customers why they should try the same special burger today.

The applications are limitless. Real-time data integrated using smart digital signage software is the best way to educate and engage your audience, promote your products and grow brand awareness. Personalize your content, get more views and grab sales in real-time. At BlinkSigns, we provide the latest data-driven digital signage software solutions that promise a great ROI and define the metrics of success.

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