Lit signs demand to be seen. Using neon signs and LED signs, makes your retail shop the focus. Here we shine the light on the uses of lighted signage and how to use them to your advantage.

Uses of Light Signs in Visual Marketing

Center of attention

Lights attract attention and custom LED signs help bring in people to your retail shop. They’re quick and easy to spot at night. Plus, LED signs like neon signs are colorful and catch the eye immediately. Neon signs are especially useful in crowded places.

Displays your creativity

LED signs are easy to design plus it’s a delightful process to come up with a creative sign that will light up your business. You can get creative with neon lights, font, brand logo, and other elements to make your LED sign pop. Have fun with LED signs and showcase your creativity at the same time.


Signs are an investment in the world of marketing and business branding. LED signs are a step up and have long-term investment safety in the world of signage. They’re easy to maintain and can last up to 10 years with care. Talk about a good deal on marketing and durability!


LED signs come in a variety of types. BlinkSigns deals with SlimSign, Neon signs, and AlumSign. You can choose different colored lights, font sizes, info-graphics, and numbers for your LED signs. We bring your design to life with LED signs.

Easy Installation

LED signs have an easy installation and placement process. Use them as interior or exterior signs they are available in a variety of sizes. Utilize LED signs to give your shop a fresh look just by changing your interior and exterior signs.

Brings in more business

A sign that is visible, bright, attractive and easy to locate brings in business. This is one of the main benefits of using LED signs. It gives the right return on investment (ROI) throughout its life.

LED signs started with neon signs in the ’80s. Since then, they’ve become the retro signage look and stand out in the virtual marketing world of signage. The bright and colorful nature of LED signs makes them a good investment, so contact BlinkSigns today to get LED signs for your business!