Operating a franchise retail store has plenty of benefits. The consumer is usually already familiar with the brand and knows what you sell. On the downside, there is possible competition from another franchisee just down the road. Signage can make the difference when you want the consumer to take note of you. We recommend the uses of custom awnings and channel letters for franchise stores in Cleveland.

Why Opt for Channel Letters?

For starters, the channel letter setup offers the option of displaying lit signage. Without fail, retailers always benefit from having illuminated signage above their doorways. Even if you keep store hours that are during the daytime only, consider that a lit sign advertises your company’s name during bad weather and times when the sun is simply not shining as brightly. Moreover, because channel letters are mostly hollow, you get an opportunity to show off one of four different lighting styles.

  1. Front lit. The front lit setup allows the light to escape through the colorful fronts.
  2. Backlit. In this setting, the light escapes through the back. This custom LED sign configuration surrounds the marker with a halo.
  3. Combination. Get the best of both worlds by displaying a bold front with a halo effect.
  4. Open face. When you appreciate the beauty of neon signage, you cannot go wrong with an innovative open-face design.

That said, there are additional reasons why channel letters may be a good option for your franchise. The variety of installation methods makes it possible to attach them even to facades that are a challenge for other signage types. Another great reason to select the sign product is the opportunity of displaying the font that makes your franchise retail establishment stand out. This look creates name recognition and capitalizes on the name and brand awareness that shoppers have already developed because of exposure to the company.

Adding the Awning to the Façade

Although custom awnings for franchise stores in Cleveland could fulfill functional reasons such as offering shade to the shopper on a sunny day or protecting the consumer from rain, they frequently are more cosmetic in nature. In fact, they make excellent company color displays. When your franchise is easy to recognize because of its color scheme, it makes sense that displaying awnings with these colors is a necessity.

Moreover, the front of the product is an ideal branding or marketing surface. Repeat the name of your company, display product details or show off contact information for the consumer. Stationary awnings do not have to be retracted every night. They simply remain in place and jut out about two feet. Install these above your windows. A canopy awning is ideal for your entryway while a waterfall model is more suitable for use above windows.

If the wealth of options is confusing, do not worry! Our graphic artists understand the importance of using channel letters and awnings for franchise retail store marketing and branding. Contact us today to discuss your signage needs and to see some sketches of what this product combination could bring to the façade of your venue.