Car Wraps & Vehicle Wrap Advertising in Cleveland for Auto Dealerships

Make your car dealership stand out with the application of vehicle wraps and graphics. Market your products, brand your venue and highlight specialty services. What are your options?

Customer Courtesy Shuttle

Vehicle wraps and graphics for auto dealerships in Cleveland are effective when used on the vans, cars or SUVs you use as courtesy shuttles. Customers dropping off their vehicles for scheduled services appreciate the shuttle option that gets them back to work. While your courteous driver is a brand representative for the consumer who is using the service, the exterior of the vehicle has the power to market your dealership to pedestrians and motorists alike.

Display the name of your venue, its logo and spell out the fact that the vehicle the consumer is looking at is actually part of your fleet of courtesy shuttles. Encourage prospective customers to check out your dealership simply because of the additional services you offer.

Parts Delivery Truck

Your parts delivery truck is another visible customer service outreach of your car dealership. It makes deliveries directly to consumers or to other shops. A full or partial wrap identifies the vehicle as one that is associated with your business. Since this vehicle garners the majority of its impressions by those involved with vehicles, this excellent marketing tool appeals to the demographic of consumers considering the upgrade of a vehicle.

Promotional Demo Vehicle

For superior marketing value, designate some of your models as promotional demo vehicles. Properly treated with full or partial wraps, they show off what your dealership has to offer. Each day, you or a sales associate who is also an excellent driver will take the vehicle out for a spin to display your message. We recommend taking it out during rush hour, which allows a large number of consumers to see the marketing messages and possibly take action right away and head over to your dealership in response.

Full and Partial Vehicle Wraps and Graphics for Auto Dealerships in Cleveland

The full wrap is the Cadillac of vehicle treatments. It uses every square inch of available space to communicate your message and grab the eye of the motorist or pedestrian. Full wraps allow for the display of extensive and highly persuasive messages. Designs can be over the top, if this is something that you desire, or colorful as well as bold.

Partial wraps integrate the color of the vehicle into the marketing message design. We highly recommend this option when the vehicle’s paint color is ideally suited to your message. For example, if your Cleveland dealership’s logo is bright red, opt for a partial wrap when the vehicle you intend to treat is also bright red. This saves you money and perfectly suits the advertising and branding needs of your business.

Adding on a perforated rear window treatment increases the space that is available for your message. While the perforated material allows the driver to look outside, the digitally imprinted exterior of the material presents the onlooker with your marketing message and similar information. Do not neglect this frequently overlooked marketing surface of your dealership’s vehicle!

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