Located at 1111 Chester Avenue, the Walk in the Park Café is an integral part of the Theater District. Affordable lunch and dinner offerings follow an American cuisine menu. When the company needed an exterior sign that would identify its location, the management team contacted the professionals at Blink Signs for assistance.

Designing and Installing Cabinet Signs for Restaurants in Cleveland

While meeting with the management team, we learned that the signage was to be a mix of sophistication and understated elegance. Since the Theater District is a prominent location and attracts a demographic that responds well to this design angle, we opted for the creation of a cabinet sign.

Unlike other products of this type, it does not stand out from the façade. In fact, it fits right in with the decorative stripe that goes around the building’s front and side. The gray color of the facing is identical to that of the stripe. The lettering is white and offers a visually attractive counterpoint. When combined with the A-frame menu board that the business’ employees put out every day, the eatery now signals to hungry guests that it is open for business.

Standing Out by Blending In?

Common wisdom suggests that you have to stand out to catch the attention of the consumer. Sometimes, however, standing out can be synonymous with blending in. This is usually an excellent option when the architectural lines of the building’s design are unique, catch the eye or otherwise draw the attention of passersby.

Incorporating signage into the design makes sense in this case. In fact, it creates the kind of impression that has passersby do a double take. Of course, it is always a good idea to go for the advertising one-two punch here. In the case of the Walk in the Park Café, it is the combination with an A-frame marker that sets the stage.

How Box Cabinets Benefit Restaurants

A cabinet sign in Cleveland is especially beneficial for restaurants. These exterior signs are quickly catching on as the ideal signage solution for the niche.

  • Customizable shapes. You are not limited by size or shape concerns. Opt for geometric shapes, go for a niche-specific image or replicate the form of your logo with the body of the cabinet.
  • Endless color choices. Paint the body of the sign any color you like. The polycarbonate facing may also take on any color that you desire. Lettering may be white, as it is for this business client, or present any other hue that you determine.
  • Various display options. The majority of box cabinets install directly to the façade. When your building’s front is not well suited for the installation, the sign may go onto a pole, pylon or monument.
  • Lettering variations. What do you want your sign to say? The management team of the Walk in the Park Café chose to cleverly mimic the appearance of channel letters with the cabinet sign. You might choose a display of your name and logo. Other restaurateurs have included the type of cuisine they offer as well as any award notations that would be of interest to guests.

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