What makes so many brands love indoor business signs like posters for promotions? They’re lightweight, easy to carry and make the whole advertising process easy. The key elements of a poster are design, content, and poster size.  

What’s a standard poster size? There’s no standard poster size. It all depends on your content, and the message. The most common poster size is 24”x36”, mainly used in event promotions, news announcements, wall decorations, etc. Let’s discover some common poster sizes, and talk about ways to display them perfectly. 

Most Common Poster Variations

The Super A1

As the name suggests, this is a large poster size. The dimensions are 24”x36”.  Because of their versatility, they’re used in product advertisements, office decors, menus, and sales promotions. Advertisers use them for open/close placards. You can further enhance your brand’s message, use a witty copy or play around with the graphics to make it stand-out. 

The Medium One

Typically, businesses use an 18”x24” poster size to promote their sales or the latest offers. Restaurants use them to display menus, products, and services. They’re a great promotional tool for concerts, festivals, and sporting events. The layout of your poster is core, for clarity and legibility. The layout of your poster is core, for clarity and legibility.  Keep your poster half in height, so that its easier to read. 

The Ledger 

The ledger is usually  11”x 17” in size. Other names for this include ledger, tabloid, and ANSI B. Advertisers pay special attention in choosing it’s placement. You’ll find a ledger next to a street light or placed in a limited space, where it’s easier to see. 

The Letter

This size is great for communicating important information, posting company policies, and providing a schedule to visitors. It’s size is equal to an A4 paper, which also makes it great a hand-out. 

Generally speaking, it’s a great idea to keep your design, and the content in mind before choosing a poster. Attention-grabbing posters are the ones with outstanding designs, and an amazing copy. It’s best to stick with a simple message, and use clear and concise language.