Signs are a widely used medium for advertisement. They are the best way to promote a business. Your sign is your silent brand agent to the world. Though illuminated signs are a big thing, not every business needs them. Here’s what non-illuminated signs do for your business.

Here are a few reasons why your businesses should use non-illuminated signage:

Non-Illuminated Signs are Professional

A professional store-front of a business is important. The customized non-illuminated signs can do a lot for your business. They increase visibility and gives a great vibe to the audience.

Cost-effective & No Electricity Dependency

These signs are a great and cost-effective way to advertise a business. Because non-illuminated signs never require electricity they save your business money. Also, if there are electricity outages, your illuminated sign will literally have no visibility. So, non-illuminated signs do take the lead here.

Indoor/Outdoor dependency

Non-illuminated signs are simple and flexible. From aluminum to acrylic, in various thicknesses, you can use any material. All quite easily installed. This makes them perfect as both interior company signs and exterior signs.

Here are our suggestions to make your non-illuminated sign more appealing:

Add Dimensions

One of the easiest ways to add more pop to your non-illuminated signs is by adding a little dimension to it. We’re no longer focused on 2D, but 3D. Say no to flat panels, and experiment with 3D letters or channel letters

Use the RIGHT Colors

Colors are a great way to attract attention. Use the right font style and color to get your audience hooked. Use striking colors. Make sure your sign is readable. Create contrast with the background. Use these aesthetics to your advantage. 

Height, Size, and Placement

Carefully think of the layout of your non-illuminated sign. The technical aspects, like the logo, fonts and colors should be paid special attention. But, do not ignore the readability and accessibility of your sign. Consider the size and placement of your signs. It should cover all the aspects of your location. 

As discussed, not every business needs an illuminated sign. With the right style of fonts, colors, and design, you can make an impact with your non-illuminated signs. Get in touch with BlinkSigns to fulfill your signage needs!