Combining Exterior Signs in Cleveland to Help You Brand


Display your advertising message with your branding promise by combining exterior signs in Cleveland. OH. You already know that when one sign is good, we are firm believers in the fact that two signs are better. Consider that these products communicate with consumers on three distinct levels.

  1. Distance.
  2. Brand recognition.
  3. Name recognition.

Address Consumers at a Distance and When Coming Closer to Your Venue


Case in point is the Quality Inn. A pylon displaying a cabinet with the company’s colors, logo, and name addresses motorists along a busy road. This sign is easily visible for folks traveling along the road in either direction. Its presence makes it easy for the location of the hotel to be noticed. Coming closer to the place, a building sign now addresses the prospective guest who is thinking of turning into the parking lot. It mimics the display of the pylon. Since the exterior sign is not visible from the road as easily as the pylon, it takes this one-two signage punch to lead consumers to the hotel.

Sprint Store Champions Brand Recognition with Signage and Color Displays


Sprint uses white channel letters for its name display on the building’s façade. Its logo presents with yellow style elements. The company has chosen to augment the display with yellow awnings, which underscore the color of the logo. In this manner, the business succeeds in helping consumers to associate yellow with Sprint’s logo – and therefore with the company itself. This type of tactic works well for established businesses, franchises that are expanding into new territories and newcomers to the local business community that want to ramp up brand awareness among prospective shoppers.

Motel Six Enhances Name Recognition with Multiple Signage Solutions


The pylon in the parking lot displays the company’s box cabinet with the iconic red “6” on a blue backdrop. An electronic reader board advertises the cost of the room. Continuing this blue color display, the management of the business decided to spell out the word “Welcome” in white on blue, which combines wayfinding with name recognition. Last, but not least, there is the window graphic on the entrance door, which shows the number “6” again. This signage setup combines visually to invite prospective guests to the venue with the name and number combo. It is not difficult for passersby to remember the name of this company.

Additional Exterior Sign Choices in Cleveland, OH

When you are ready to take a page from the branding playbook of these highly successful companies, you do not have to follow suit with the same signage combinations. Discuss your signage needs with our graphic artists to put together a display that uniquely suits your business. For example, you might consider combining a channel letter sign with window graphics and an A-frame. Another combination includes a building-mounted box cabinet and posters mounted to the interior of the windows with suction cups. Then again, you may have excellent success with a pylon assembly and a façade wrap. Contact us today to explore your options and to get started on your project.


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