Millennials like companies that respect social causes.  


Yes, it's tricky to have some cause attached to your business when your team is grinding under quarterly/monthly goals. It takes a lot of discipline to stick to your values to work on a marketing concept.


Here are some ways to help you identify your business purpose: 


Ask your Team Mates: 


Good revenue generation calls for good teamwork. Talk to your team about their inspirations. Ask them what excites them. Knowing your people, understanding what they’re working on is the key to develop a marketing concept. Simply put, you need an answer to these questions:


  • What are we great at? 
  • What do people say about us?
  • Why do we exist? 

Team Work for Concept Development

Turn to your Executive Team 

Ask these questions from your executive team as well. To stay on track, have a business coach on-board and stick to the purpose. 


Be inspirational, but keep in mind that your business vision will direct all your decisions. Once you’ve decided on the vision of your company/marketing concept, live it. Organize an inhouse activity for your team. 

Executive Team

Build on your marketing concept. The next step is to advertise. Advertising makes your brand more likable. Tried and true advertising methods always work,  but they’re a little costly. Take a television ad for example. You’ll have to invest a lot of money, and TV ads can get unimpressive with a low budget. Local newspapers also don’t do much. 


For a smaller investment use different signage types. Here are some ways to use them:


Setup your Signs at a Prime Location


Display your signs in a high-traffic area. It always works. People get to know about your products/services and draw-in more traffic to your store.  


Heres how to do it right: 


  • Use a simple language for your signs. 
  • Customizable lawn signs are not just simple, but also cost-effective. 
  • Advertise holiday sales on your signage
  • Display bright signs, they attract more people. 


 Don’t forget to include your company’s name, phone number, and other contact information to make it easy for people to locate you. 

Consider On-The-Road Advertisement


What if you tell each person on the road about your business?  Sounds far-fetched, but it’s possible. Use vehicle wraps to change your car into a 24/7 marketing tool


Drive more people to your business using unique sales, discounts or specials.  Make sure that your message is simple and sticks to your marketing concept. Pay extra attention to the placement of your logo. It needs to be distinct for brand awareness. 

Vehicle Wraps

Try Out Unique Ideas


Do you have a small budget for promotions? Think outside the box. Using signs sets you apart from your competitors. Invest in good thought-process and engage your prospects. 

Monument Signs

Your core values define your company. Identify and advertise them and your business is on its way!