Value for money in business signage is a very important concept. For a business sign to be effective and cost-friendly, you need to be flexible. Also, seasonality is an indicator for businesses to get new temporary signage that could last for around three months. Temporary signage is lightweight, cost-effective and durable for short term use.

So when do you exactly get to use these mobile and temporary signages? During events, seminars, promotional events, and more. These are the times when you can effectively employ portable signs and displays.

The “what”

You can have your temporary signage developed in multiple ways. There are banners, flags, pop stands, window, wall, and floor graphics. All these easily showcase information about your brand and cover a large area. Then there are smaller options as well, like brochures, counter cards, and postcards for tabletop displays.

The “where”

You can place these anywhere you like. Either indoors or outdoors, these won’t be damaged due to different substrates and materials used to ensure the signs’ durability. You can have banners, flags, and a-boards for visibility and these work well as temporary outdoor signs. But, be sure to check with your city or town for permits. Inside the building, you can use posters or floor graphics as wayfinding signs, or to create talking points for visitors.

The “when”

There is no specific time for you to use these signage types. Use these signs whenever you need to communicate something with your clients and visitors. The temporary and portable signs ensure that your customers know what they need to, whether during an event or for the promotion of a new product.

Here we’re listing some of the temporary signage solutions that will help you in your next event or rebranding process.

Pop Up Banners

Pop up banners can be used during any event as a temporary promotion or just to add more color to your reception area or the entire office. You can have your message and design printed on these banners and you’ll be able to use them again and again.

Hanging banners

Feature your brand colors, design and wording on any shape and size of hanging banners. These usually come with eyelets, rope, frames, and projecting poles.


Promotional flags are quite eye-catching, especially when filled with colors and fluttering in the breeze. Although they have a solid base, they are still foldable and easy to transport.

Don’t let a chance slip by just because it’s an event or something small. Use signs proactively to promote, educate, and help your customers. Get in touch with BlinkSigns to help you get your message across with attention-grabbing temporary signs.