Restaurants are no doubt a lucrative business in the food industry. Unfortunately, many of the foodpreneurs live under the impression that restaurants can attract customers without marketing. The competition in the restaurant industry is fiercer than ever and the worst you can do is to start marketing just a week or two before the launch.


Once you have decided that you want to to launch your own food chain. Start Marketing. Social media marketing and brochure marketing are effective mediums to spread the word out but you might have missed the most powerful marketing tool, signage.


Marketing and Advertising

As the Chinese proverb goes, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago and the second the best time is now.” This couldn’t be more truer for your restaurant-to-be’s marketing. You need to start marketing right from the very inception. Print graphics hoardings build curiosity and a brand identity for a restaurant in its pre-launch phase. The cutting edge advantage of hoarding signage is the sheer size of them. They grab attention quickly making it easier to find the relevant information. However, minimalism is the key. Keep your signage simple and display only the text that you think is relevant for your customers and target audience at this stage.


Appeals to a Wider Range of Audience

As a foodpreneur, your prospective customer is literally anybody and everybody. We all love food and the best thing about hoarding signs is that they are huge and everybody can see them. Meaning, you are not limiting yourself to those specific people who were scrolling Facebook videos before your ad came on. Hoarding restaurant signs allow you to appeal a wider range of audiences and gives you the opportunity to target people of all ages and professions.


Secures Your Project

Constructing a restaurant is a risky maneuver as it requires a lot of investment and in cases, it may soak up all the budget that you might have reserved for other purposes. Theft of materials & equipment from construction sites is a growing problem. Implementing building sign hoardings help you protect your site against possible events of theft and vandalism. Hoardings help you secure your construction site by preventing unauthorized access, thereby, minimizes the chances of financial losses.


Protects the Public

One of the most important benefits of hoarding signs is that it protects the general public in the proximity of your construction site who are vulnerable to potential safety hazards such as falling objects, Construction equipment and On-site vehicles. In any such unfortunate case, you might have to face lawsuits and suffer from financial losses caused by extensive compensation claims. Hoarding signs cover the entire construction space and are an effective measure to separate the public from the construction site.


Creates a Pleasant Environment

Construction sites are repulsive to look at. They are not fulfilling or appealing to our eyes. One of the most under-rated benefits of hoarding signs is that it creates a pleasant environment around your construction site. Installing customized signs and hoardings can help you deliver a positive and impactful brand image before the big reveal.


Hoarding Restaurant Signs with Blink Signs:

Blink Signs offers 360° site hoarding solutions. From the initial site survey to the final installation, our team of experts know how to deliver top quality signs that can meet all your hoarding objectives.