Any working place would require an office or shop makeover after 2 or 3 years. The daily usage of floors, walls, tables, and windows will make them look old, dull, and scratchy. Especially the walls are more prone to get dirty, even if high-quality enamel paint is used. Following the recession and high costs of workplace makeover, business owners avoid getting a new paint job.

On one hand, Paint renewal is a costly process and on the other, it is quite a lengthy and exhausting process. Paint renewal requires the removal of office furniture and occupants from the vicinity because of the paint residue and hazardous fumes. To add to the misery, it requires a day or two to dry up and it keeps stinking for a few days more. This whole process is costly, lengthy, and interrupts the work.

An easy way out for office and shop owners is to get their workplace makeover in vinyl stickering. It might seem odd, but let us explain how vinyl stickers are cost-effective, durable, and more. Sticker wraps are the new way to get things tidy, now people do not have to rely only on enamel paint. The advancement in technology has allowed for cheaper vinyl sticker manufacturing and new printers have complemented with cheaper printing cost per sticker.

Vinyl stickers will make your office tidy but while doing so, they will also market your brand. The infinite design customization options make the sky only limit for creative marketing. Marketing departments of organizations can come up with enticing and creative marketing designs that will,

  • Boost employee commitment
  • More customer conversions
  • Higher brand recognition

Vinyl wrap is one arrow with two targets. It gets the office makeover done and it elevates the business level.

 Wall Wraps / Wall Vinyl Stickers

The most important part of an office makeover is to get the walls to look like new. Wall wraps or wall vinyl stickers can be applied over the whole wall from corner to corner. The exact type of wrap needed will depend on the location and condition of the wall. A wall mural sticker will be needed to spice up the boring looking wall, or a full wall wrap will be used on the scuffed wall. There are endless possibilities in terms of design. For staff-only rooms, employee morale-boosting quotes and refreshing images can be used. For the customer relations area, more professional-looking wraps can be used with branding, top services, and customer success stories.

Mesh Windows stickers

Almost every shop and office has windows and glass partitions. These places are often ignored and left without promotion. Mesh window stickers act as one-way mirrors, used on outside windows with design on one side. From the outside, customers will only see the marketing display, while from the inside, the exterior will be visible. For glass partitions inside the office, simple vinyl stickers can be used to make visual partitions.

Table / Rack wraps

The best thing about vinyl stickers is that they can be applied to almost anything. Like walls, the tables and racks also get scuffed and clumsy. Vinyl stickers can also be used on employee tables to get a new look. They can either use colors according to their brand or get informative and frequently contacted data printed right on the table.

Floor Stickers

For floors, it is recommended to have a durable material, like tiles or marble. However, welcome, directional, or wayfinding stickers can be pasted where needed. In these Covid-19 pandemic days, the use of stickers related to SOP’s is also a good option. These types of stickers are innovative and create a fun way to connect with customers and employees.

For business owners who have a clumsy-looking office and are thinking about an office or shop makeover can rely on BlinkSigns to provide high-quality stickers. We are industry leaders in signage, digital displays, and stickers. BlinkSigns has certified professionals who take their work seriously and deliver premium results. Contact us today to get your office revamped.