When the company needed a new set of channel letters for dental offices in Cleveland, OH, its management team contacted our graphic artists. We worked with the office staff to utilize the artwork that the company already had on hand.

As a result, we customized a display of blue channel letters that present with the same decorative touches as the logo consumers see online. Whereas that logo is white, the one we manufactured is blue. A lightbox cabinet displays the “Dental” portion of the sign. Rather than mounting the sign directly to the façade or onto a raceway, we installed it on a board to support the weight and positioning of the decorative pieces. Our technicians ensured that the board would blend in perfectly with the color of the brick façade.

Selecting Channel Letters for Your Building Sign

Channel letters are among the most popular signage solutions for today’s business facades. They succeed in creating name recognition by focusing the consumer’s attention on the font your company’s management team has chosen for its signage makeup. Whenever we discuss building signs with business clients who use great fonts, we always recommend the use of channel letter signage to give consumers this mnemonic device to memorize the company’s name.

Versatility of the Medium

For starters, these signs come in lit and unlit versions. Illumination is an excellent method for catching the eye of passersby and motorists alike at any time of the day or night. If your business is not open to customers before or after standard business owners, you may be able to get away with an unlit sign.

When you do select the lit version, there are still more decisions you can make.

  • Front lit signage. Do you want the light to escape from the fronts of the letters? We can fashion the body of the letters from sturdy aluminum and close off the fronts with colorful acrylics or polycarbonate. When the lights turn on, the colors of the letters amplify.
  • Backlit signage. For a halo effect that gives your sign a sleek and sophisticated look, consider the backlit option. We close off the fronts of the letters with aluminum and paint them in the colors you select. The backs we leave open, which lets the light escape from there. The result is a sign that is bathed in light. To facilitate this effect, we use offsets to mount the letters at a two-inch distance from the wall.
  • Combination. If you opt for a mix of the two illumination options, you lose a little of the light’s intensity. That said, you enjoy the display of a sign that is colorful as well as stylish and contemporary.

Contact us today to learn more about building exterior signs and custom indoor signs for dental offices in Cleveland, OH. Whether you prefer channel letters, would like to find out more about box cabinets or want to explore an entirely different signage option, our graphic artists can help.