The local Yellow Pages has listings for 1,327 general contractors, 1,113 building contractors, 430 roofing contractors and 344 landscape contractors. This does not account for the driveway, demolition and solar contractors who are doing business there. How do you stand out among this much competition? Sure, you could undertake a serious billboard marketing campaign, but would this really do as much – or more – than fleet graphics for Cleveland contractors could accomplish?

Benefits of Fleet Graphics

The success of a marketing campaign is measured by the return on investment. For ads, the benchmark to consider is the cost of the ad for every 1,000 impressions. Compared to a newspaper ad or a radio spot, a vehicle wrap comes out ahead with respect to savings. For every 1,000 impressions, a wrap costs $0.35. A newspaper ad charges $19.70 for these same 1,000 impressions. For the radio spot, you pay $7.75 per 1,000 consumers reached.

There is little doubt that you save significantly when investing in mobile marketing versus any other type of advertising. Another benefit of this marketing method is the ease with which you reach your target demographic. Simply take your vehicles where your likely customers live, work and play. This is not something that you can do this easily with other advertising media.

What are the Options?

The full wrap is the Cadillac of the fleet treatment. Digitally imprinted vehicle vinyl completely envelops each vehicle. The combination of colors, graphics and lettering catches the eye and makes a memorable impression on motorists and passersby. Of course, there are other options, too.

  • Truck lettering. Identify your company’s name, niche and contact information with basic lettering. One of the most budget-friendly options open to you, it quickly treats each vehicle in your fleet at a rock bottom cost.
  • Spot graphics. Pair these graphics with vehicle vinyl lettering for best results. Our technicians design, manufacture and apply these graphics in a variety of locations on a vehicle. They easily stand alone and identify your company’s logo and niche. For example, we could treat the hoods of all work trucks or the sliding doors of all delivery vans with these spot graphics.
  • Partial wraps. When your vehicles’ colors are ideally suited for supporting your marketing message, there is no reason to invest in a full wrap. Rather we use the base color of the car to blend in the imprinted vinyl with your marketing message. It looks great and gets across your branding and advertising messages.

Ordering Fleet Graphics for Cleveland Contractors

Contact the graphic artists at Blink Marketing & Signs for more information on the design of your fleet graphics. Just like we do with our exterior business signs, we work with your management team to incorporate your artwork, company colors, and intended message. If you have a broad range of vehicle types, we easily adapt the look of the layout for each make and model. You retain the uniform look of the vehicles while each has a customized display. If you are just starting out in business, we work with you on the creation of an initial layout. Call us today to get started on your order.