Almost all types of digital building sign systems require a software tool that allows the users to manage the content displayed on the screens. With the help of these tools, users can perform a number of tasks such as scheduling content, organizing screens into groups, and creating playlists. Thanks to the advancement in software technologies, users no longer have to physically visit each location to change or update the content. Users can now monitor screens, change content, and can now even diagnose playback issues occurring on remote screens using their personal devices from virtually anywhere.

A lot of popular tech companies offer digital signage software solutions and are typically sold on a Software-As-A-Service Model. At BlinkSigns, we help our clients find the right software solution for their displays. In this article, we are listing down some important things to consider when choosing a software solution for your displays.  

Pricing Consideration

You can find many open-source free digital signage software such as Concerto, Screenly, Xibo, Rise Vision, and more. While these softwares are great, the free models lack scalability and the provider asks for money as the scope of your projects expands. Before you pick software, it wise to do a budget analysis and set some priorities for the features you want to have. The pricing depends on a lot of variables but is largely dependent on the scope of your projects. Most of these providers offer month-to-month or yearly subscriptions.

Important Features

The features depend on the vendor and the package you opt for. However, it’s wise to go for a vendor that offers some cutting-edge features that will help you in the long run.

  • When choosing a digital signage software, here are some features to look for
  • Is cloud-based and allows users to remotely manage their digital signage content.
  • Allows users to create multiple playlists with several pieces of content
  • Allows uses to schedule playlists to run at predetermined times
  • Offer multiple user access, user roles, and large media storage for your videos and images
  • Ability to work offline and continues to display the last content it receives before your internet connection failed
  • Helps user manage devices in a way that you get the most out by utilizing least amount of resources
  • An active team that offers personalized support

Check Out For Security Features

As with every digital tool, digital signage too is always vulnerable to hacking attempts by ill-intentioned individuals. When choosing software, it wise to do a little research and find a network that is reliable and comes with security features. This will give you complete peace of mind that your screens are safe from harm and your brand image is protected.

Digital Signage with Blink Signs 

At BlinkSigns, we provide interactive digital signage solutions to leading brands. We provide solutions that are reliable and scalable. We have successfully delivered hundreds of digital signage projects to clients across various industries and our clients have endorsed us for our excellent knowledge in creating innovative and long-lasting signage solutions.