Signage is everywhere. Whether you turn your head in an airport or navigate a bookstore, chances are, you will find yourself looking at a sign. Signs are more than just an attraction for your consumers, employees or clients. They’re pieces of useful information that make everyone’s life easier in an unknown place.

Let’s look at some industries where industrial signs are helping distribute information effectively:


Airport signage is not an easy project. All the signage types have to add up with the airport’s layout. But mainly, they’ve to be:

  • helpful
  • easy to understand
  • easy to find, and include
  • real-time digital displays

Airports are places of hustle bustle, no-one has the time to stop and look at the tickers unless they have waiting time. Passengers, employees, and everyone else depends on the signage system to guide them to their paths.

Airports are also one of the biggest corporations to use almost all industrial sign types. It’s all about making navigation easier for everyone and this is where signage comes in.

Educational campus:

Educational sectors everywhere are growing in size and using signage on campuses. For example, a variety of digital signage solutions from digital posters to multipurpose HD video walls are being used to direct, inform, engage, and excite students, teachers, and visitors.

Here’s a look at some places where signage is being used in the education sector:

  • classrooms & offices
  • libraries & laboratories
  • dormitories
  • entrances, gates, wayfinding
  • event halls, arenas and lecture halls

Signage isn’t restricted to the commercial sector anymore. It is everywhere and gives a dynamic view of information in a variety of ways. Plus, signage like digital displays can bridge the communication gap between students and teachers by giving them consistent campus news.


The purpose of signage is to make everything accessible. Most industrial signs come in handy in rather bigger retail setups and shops like:

  • Retail stores
  • Marts
  • Grocery shops
  • Pop-up shops

These are the places which attract customers with the latest signage types. Signage in stores and shops is either about spreading brand awareness or promoting special offers or products.  


Restaurants are a delicious market for signage (pun intended). As soon as your setup is complete, you want to attract customers and exhibit your food. You can do this by the menu, the decoration or through effective marketing that includes signage. For example, outdoor signage stands out and can pique the interest of passersby to visit your restaurant and then become regulars. Eating is a sensory experience. It should appeal to the eyes as well. Industrial signs, such as wall decals and displays can create that experience for your customers.  


With offices, signage is as important as with other setups but it focuses more on the interior of offices rather than the exterior. With each different setup, there’s a mix of signage types that fit. Plus, in offices, signage is more for the people inside than the outsiders. Interior signage types that are helpful to the employees are:

Inside offices, the focus of signage is to ease the employees’ lives and to make them more comfortable and productive.


Healthcare providers have realized that they have a design problem. This design problem is connected with the outlook that hospitals have. This realization has made them open up to hospital signage by using a mix of exterior and interior signage.

For hospitals, introducing signage was a complex process. Once they accepted signage, everything started getting easier for their setups. Hospitals today have modified their layouts to include assistive signage like:

  • Directional & Wayfinding
  • Digital Displays
  • ADA signs

Hospital signage is more than navigation. It’s about assistance and easy access for hospital helpers, patients, and visitors. Hospitals are real-time places where time is important and signage helps cut down time wasted on finding relevant areas. This has made hospital setups focus more on helping people in doing what they do best i.e assist and take care of people.

Today, signage is everywhere and people rely on the nearest display of information to assist them. Plus, signage is more about information and assistance than just being attention-grabbing. Here at BlinkSigns, we like to offer all the information you need related to signage.