The Brooklyn location of the Loving Cup Kids Academy is at 4476 Ridge Road. Staffed with passionate teachers, this childcare center is an inspiring environment that keeps youngsters safe while allowing them to explore, learn and develop healthy self-esteem. When this business needed a car wrap to take its marketing and branding messages on the road, the company’s management team contacted our professionals for assistance.

Wrapping a Toyota Minivan

The daycare center uses a Toyota minivan to get around. After consulting with the client about the best possible wrap appearance, we designed a product that highlights the fun aspect of the business. Car wraps for preschools in Brooklyn, OH, commonly focus only on the academic features of the venue, which fails to communicate the fact that children will actually enjoy their stays at the facility.

This company wanted to ensure that parents and caregivers would know that fun is an integral part of their children’s experiences when spending time at the Loving Cup Kids Academy. While the wrap displays on the sides and back of the vehicle, the rear and side windows present customers with information about the business via the use of a windowperf. It allows the driver to see outside but offers a different view for those looking inside.

Choosing Your Wrap Design

Work with our graphic artists to put together a look that bespeaks your approach to doing business. At the same time, make public the very aspects that differentiate your company from others operating in the same niche. We have put together a list of wrap components that have proven to be highly successful for our clients.

  • Background. The backdrop to your message may either be a color, a whimsical piece of artwork or a digital image. If you are unsure what to use for the background to your message, we help you to sort through niche-specific artwork that could make a difference in the way that your message displays.
  • Business information. Show off your company’s name, logo and contact information. Some companies like to include addresses, service areas, and social media connection invitations.
  • Message. Unlike a call to action, which you might express on your website in terms such as “sign up for our newsletter,” the visual call to action is more subtle. The goal is, of course, for the consumer to contact you. What spurs on this action is the combination of your branding and marketing messages. When you gear your wrap to feature a product or service, the consumer will contact you because of this item. If the wrap introduces your business overall, a customer may call with more generic inquiries.
  • Graphics. Added to the backdrop, information, and message, consider the use of graphics that underscore your niche. Doing so allows the consumer to identify your business with one glance.

Whether you need car wraps for daycare centers in Brooklyn, OH, or require vehicle graphics for any other type of business, our graphic artists can help. Contact us today to get started on your project.