There is no arguing the fact that the hospitality industry is becoming increasingly competitive. As more hospitality businesses emerge, local hotel markets have become a huge battleground. Lodging companies frequently find themselves competing for the same types of customers. To make a powerful impact and establish their unique identity, hospitality brands must step up their game and give special attention to their signs.

Custom hotel room signage is one of the most efficient tools to distinguish your brand from the competition. There are certain key factors to consider before designing custom signage for your hotel rooms. 

At BlinkSigns, we provide a wide range of hospitality signs services. In this article, we are listing some important things that you must consider when designing your custom hotel room signage. 

Ensure ADA Compliance: 

The Americans with Disabilities Act, generally known as the ADA, requires signage to be placed inside each hotel room. To make the facility ADA Compliant, your hotel must have various signage throughout the premises, in and around the building.

Here are some ADA signage requirements:

  • The Signs must avoid glare as they create troubles for the visually impaired and make them uncomfortable. The signs must have backgrounds or colors that are easy to process
  • Too low contrasts make the text illegible for the visually impaired. ADA recommends a high level of dark to light contrast.
  • Typefaces or fonts play a great role in enhancing the readability of your sign. The ADA compliant fonts include, eras, helvetica, optima, futura, trebuchet, avantgarde,vag rounded,frutiger, verdana and franklin gothic.


The placement of your hospitality signs is crucial to the room’s overall appearance. Certain signs should be put in prominent positions, such as the room number signs must be placed to the right or left of the room door. Directional signage must also be strategically placed to help the visitors get around the room comfortably. Other signs, such as No Smoking signs, can be placed on the room’s door or on the wall inside the room. The check-out time sign, along with any other tent signs, can be placed on the nightstand.

Pay close attention to the design:

Since signage is a visual communication tool, the most significant part of a sign is its design. It’s a good idea to perform a lot of research and then make a list of vital information like the colour scheme, photos, logo, and other specifics. If you’re looking for design ideas, look at what your competitors are doing and what important features they’re using in their designs. Minimalism is the new chic especially when it comes to the latest design trends in hotel signage. Simple signs assist you develop an emotional connection with your target audience while also humanising your business.

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