Sign maintenance is a critical aspect of keeping your signs free from damage and defects. A significant rise or a sudden drop in temperatures can cause severe damage to digital displays as they are typically designed to operate under normal temperatures. Signage requires substantial investments and businesses must take some necessary steps to protect their signage from heat and immense cold, otherwise, they may have to bear heavy losses on their investments.

At Blink Signs, we provide signage maintenance to our clients. We install systems that prevent your signage from overheating, making sure that your equipment lasts longer, requires minimum maintenance, and delivers maximum uptime.

In this episode of the signage maintenance series, we are providing you with some tips to maintain and protect your exterior signage from heat.

1. Custom Thermal Management System

When the temperature falls outside of the optimal operating zone, thermal management technology is the best to protect your screens and displays. Advanced signage companies such as Blink Signs, install fans or internal cooling units that protect screens against odd temperatures. If your signage doesn’t come with a default or pre-installed thermal management system, you can still implement a protective system that helps air circulate within the displays, keeping them cool. Customized solutions are available for stabilizing internal temperatures.

2. Consider the Placement – Avoid Direct Sunlight

Positioning is important to sign maintenance. Whether your screens are installed outdoors or indoors, you need to make sure that they remain protected from direct sunlight. Direct exposure to sunlight can increase the device’s temperature which can lead to permanent scarring of the screen. Mobile phone screens when exposed to sunlight for an extended period result in isotropic failure which is also the case with digital signage screens. If you have installed digital screens, position them out of direct sunlight.

3. Install Internal Cooling Systems:

Well-rounded cooling systems involve the following three essentials,

Infrastructure: It can be simple cooling apparatus like air conditioners and air coolers.

Management: It can be done by a number of ways but the most popular method is the purpose-built cooling management software.

Monitoring:  Timely inspection of equipment and screens to ensure proper working.

Anti-Reflective Glass/ Anti-Glare Glass:

Anti-glare glass is a good add-on for digital signage screens. They reduce glare and provide low reflectivity. As a result, eye strain is minimized, resulting in increased visual acuity and enhanced readability.

Anti-glare glasses not only make the screen easier to interact with, but also protect your screens from external heat. They deflect light and keep digital displays cool.

Get help from Blink Signs:

Blink Signs has industry experts on board who understand the inner working of displays and are ready to help you protect your investment in this hot weather. We offer increased protection and provide solutions that will increase the utility of your screens and enhance the user experience.

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