From hand-written “For Sale” signs hung on buildings to the digital display of new projects at open-houses; real estate signs have come a long way and have evolved to fit the world around them. Signage still plays a crucial role in the world of real estate as it helps realtors generate community awareness and create interest for current and upcoming real estate developments.

Banner or road signs are an effective tool to promote your listings, however, competitive times call for competitive measures. The competition in real-estate is fiercer than ever. Studies reveal that there are over 2 million registered real estate agents in the United States. Real estate agents are on a battlefield where they have to hunt for customers minute by minute.

Real estate digital signage solutions can help realtors cut the competition and stand out from the crowd by providing a unique experience to their clients. Exterior signage solutions can be used by realtors to display their listings in a unique way. It also makes the job of buying and selling properties much more fun.

At BlinkSigns, we help realtors promote their properties and increase foot traffic by providing custom real estate signs. In this article, our experts share how realtors can use digital signage to their advantage and dominate the competition.


Agents have traditionally relied on laminated posters with tiny text and small images hanging on their office walls and windows to display properties. These signs often consume a lot of office space and make the office look a little intimidating.

Digital signage technology can enhance the mood and ambiance of your office by providing appealing visuals. Digital signage allows you to display dozens of listings with a single screen installed at your office or storefront – in a very appealing way. Use digital screens to display a slideshow of the hottest properties and you can also take prospective clients on a virtual tour. Virtual tours feel like visiting the house in-person. Moreover, digital signage content can be changed and updated as frequently as you like without any trouble.

Digital signage technology can also be utilized to use real time data feeds to display ever-changing listings. Typically digital signage software can have the option to include an api to the data feed where you manage your listings. This gives your customers the most up to date information as well as customized information.


Building rapport with clients is extremely important for real estate agents. Realtors and agents must show their clients that they are being trusted by customers and communities. The more your client gets to know you, the easier the process.

With digital signage solutions, realtors can build that trust by displaying client testimonials and feedback in a unique and interesting way. Small feedback texts are boring and are no match for the dynamic content feeds that digital signage has to offers. With digital signage software for real estate, the opportunities are endless. You can not only share testimonials but tell stories of families and individuals who got their dream homes with you as their real estate agents.


Real estate offices are generally busy and have a lot of foot traffic. While clients wait to get attended their eyes wander. They crave content and interior digital signs can help realtors feed relevant content to their customers.

Agents can use digital signage to display current property trends, property news, interesting home decor, and other relevant data. Signs encourage customers to interact and are perceived as helpful and modern. You can also display videos of any of your philanthropic projects or any other engaging content.

  1. Create a pleasant environment

Studies reveal that millennials now represent the largest cohort of home buyers. Real estate agents must devise new marketing strategies that appeal to the millennials.

One thing that we all love about millennials is that they love experiencing. They believe in living every moment. For them, the style and appeal of a place are just as important as the quality of services it provides. Digital signage can enhance the mood and ambiance of a real estate office by providing appealing visuals.


Digital signage might require a healthy upfront investment but in the long run, it is an extremely cost-effective solution for real estate marketing. Digital signage will help you cut the costs associated with other real estate flyers, printing materials, designing, and distribution.

Moreover, digital signage is also eco-friendly advertising as opposed to print advertising which wastes resources and negatively impacts the environment. With digital signage, you can also update your content without additional costs.

Digital Signage for Real With BlinkSigns

At BlinkSigns, we understand the complex real-estate business environment. We provide friendly and interactive digital signage that benefits your team and your clients. For more information on real-estate signage, reach out to our team!