If you’re looking for signage that defines and adds value to your brand name, channel letters are definitely the right choice for you. Known for creating high impact on the audience, channel letters are all about creating a positive brand image. There’s so much to play with: the choice of color, the style of lettering, the size; get them all right and you’ve got a complete package.

Their 3-dimensional attributes give a very concrete look to your brand logo. Mostly, these are crafted using aluminum, however, any other heavy duty metal also does the job. We’ve elaborated the types of channel letters further for you to easily identify and classify them:

Types of Channel Letters Based Signs:

1Front Lit channel letters: The best thing about these signs is that they stay lit throughout the day because the light illuminates the front of the letters and comes directly through them.

2. Halo Lit channel letters: If you’re a big fan of halo effects, these channel letters are for you. The direction of light in these is such that it comes from the back and illuminates the wall on which they are installed.

3. Open Face channel letters: In this case, the direction of light is pretty similar to the front lit and halo lit channel letters. The only difference is that the acrylics are clear, creating an open face effect.

4. Reverse and Front Lit channel letters: These can be considered as the best channel letters in terms of lighting. Their attributes are a combination of both front and halo lit channel letters.

Now that you can easily distinguish between the types, you need to ask yourself the following questions before taking the final step:

What kind of visibility do channel letters offer?

The whole point of channel letter signs is that you want to create brand visibility, thereby, this is a vital question to ask.

Size plays an important part in determining the visibility, much like digital signs for businesses. Make sure the size is large enough for people looking at it from a distance. Try not to go overboard with the size. This is a step where your sign company will step in with their advice based on the proportions that suit your building.

What metal type are you going for?

As mentioned above, channel letters are made out of different types of metals. One important factor to be considered is the expertise of the signage company in crafting metal into channel letters. Given that there’s a lot of work required in sizing, styling, shaping and coloring the channel letters, make sure you have seen enough sample work from the signage company to finally decide on the material that works best for you.

One of the favorites among different metals for channel letters is Aluminium. Not only is it affordable and durable, but it’s also very pliable. So different signage companies use it to build awesome looking channel letters.

Now that we’ve provided you with ample information regarding channel letter signs, it’s time you invest in these to improve the overall look of your internal and exterior settings. BlinkSigns is ready to help you for any further information you need. We are looking forward to creating a difference in the way you style your brand messaging.