Are you looking for a good sign in your life? It can be anything ranging from a new job, a move or a big life decision. We look for signs in our life every day. But what about the ones that are trying to grab our attention?

Why Does Your Business Need Signs?

When a business grows, it comes head-to-head with its competition. To avoid getting lost among your competitors, you have to stand out in your market. That’s where the signs come into play. They attract, pitch, and pull in your potential customer. Here’s what you need to ask yourself before selecting a sign:

Does my business get a great deal of foot traffic?

If so, then you’re losing out on a lot without the right kind of blade sign. Blade signs help in attracting passersby. It urges them to visit your store and they’re usually installed high up, so people can easily spot them from a distance.

Got stumped at “Blade Sign”? Don’t worry, let us explain!

Some time ago, there was a local business, the owner of the company had put out a sign that extended straight from the building. It helped people know what was on sale. 

Why the term “blade”? We’ve concluded that the name stuck because of the way these signs were designed and installed. They stick out of a building ready to pull in a person.

Displaying Blade Signs

Simple, ornate, and illuminated, there are different ways to display your blade signs. You can experiment with them depending on the type of your business. These signs work well in areas like:

  • Businesses with sidewalks in front
  • Areas with frequent pedestrians
  • Downtown businesses
  • Shopping centers

Here’s Why Blade Signs Are Important

You need blade signs to get your customers’ full attention. Blade signs are like billboards. They scream  “here I am” to the passersby. If they don’t see you, they won’t find you. Here are some quirky benefits:

  • They attract attention – when your front view is not entirely visible, blade signs are useful in grabbing that kind of attention.
  • Impactful for large businesses – maybe some of your stores/locations are not getting the attention they need. Blade signs can get more business for such locations, especially the ones located in strip malls.
  • You get to experiment with the double-sides – these are viewable from both sides. Whether a person is going or coming, they’ll be able to see the offer/logo from both sides.

You can get customized blade signs for your business. Be it something simple and straightforward or a work of art. There are a variety of blade signs including neon-lit signs, wood-swinging signs, or just plain old signs stuck out. Get in touch with us, and we’ll help you figure out what kind of blade sign suits your business needs the best. We also help with directional signs for businesses. Contact us today!