Hospitals can be overwhelming for sick patients and their families. Surgeries, scary diagnoses and even routine checkups don’t make hospitals a warm place to visit. How about adding a little warmth to the ever-cold healthcare buildings using modern designs and signage?

How Hospital Signage can Help:

Healthcare providers have realized that they have a design problem. This design problem is connected with the hospitals’ outlook. This realization has made them open up to using a mix of exterior and interior signage for a patient-friendly environment. Let’s see how signage can help with that:

Interior Signs

ADA Signs

ADA healthcare-specific signage is designed to guide people through modern healing environments. With ADA signs, assisting people with disabilities so that they don’t have to depend on anyone for getting places becomes easy.

Directional & Wayfinding

Directional and Wayfinding signs help with direction and getting people to where they want to go. Patients and visitors navigate through different departments on their own without getting lost in big hospital buildings.

Window & Wall graphics

Animated or informational graphics in hospitals make patients and their visitors feel relaxed. Wall graphics add to the interior of hospitals in a mild manner without being sharp on the eyes. They are fun to look at and give a pop of color and story to the bare hospital walls.

Embedded LED signs

LED signs give a different view of quirky designs. You can light up waiting rooms, hallways and other interior spaces with embedded LED signs. These can be placed in department entrances, cafes, and common rooms for doctors. The possibilities are endless.

Exterior Signs

Medical buildings often have multiple departments and sub-departments for different medical fields. Exterior signs are already a part of hospital signage, but they can be used in many ways to make hospitals more patient-friendly. Some types are:

Digital Displays

Digital displays are used both inside and outside the hospital. They offer a new and versatile approach to displaying information for everyone. They display day-to-day information, upcoming conferences schedules, as well as hospital news. These digital displays are also known as:

  • Digital billboards
  • LED reader boards, and
  • EMC displays

Digital displays are a leading signage type with their impeccable design, space, and trendiness. Even from a commercial point of view, they’re the “it” factor for businesses, offices, and even hospitals.

Monument Signs

Many hospitals already use monument signs. A good monument sign gives a warm, welcoming feeling to patients and visitors alike. You can also spritz up your monument sign by adding LED signs.

Good signage includes using a mix of sign types. Signage in healthcare works on the same principle. With your focus on making hospitals patient-friendly, consider a mix of any of these signage types. You can also check out BlinkSigns for more of our projects.