The hospitality industry has been around for centuries and only continues to thrive. However, the technology boom of the last century has caused our society to change more rapidly than ever. Every aspect of our society has had to keep up, especially with the rise of Millennials. The generation notorious for only knowing quick evolution has now become the largest consumer demographic in the U.S. Now long-established businesses find themselves needing to prioritize the Millennial perspective. 

Ease & Accessibility 

The Millennial generation leans into the fast-paced lifestyle centered on their own initiatives. This means that ease of access is a huge priority. In Hospitality signs – signage styles, wayfinding signs are a valuable asset that accommodates Millennials’ assertive independence. This generation seeks to avoid additional tasks along their journey. Having to stop in the middle of their plans to ask for directions, getting diverted by several intersecting hallways, or any other obstacle that delays Millennials’ fast-paced lifestyles aren’t welcome. 

Hotels are now up in competition with the rise of hostels, because they’re a convenient and low-cost option catering to the demands of millennials. As the appreciation for community living has grown, hostels are now reinventing themselves – adding movie theaters, bars, pools to their offering in order to satisfy and entertain their millennial guests. The rise of such hostels are making it a little more difficult for hotels to attract millennials. The majority of millenials don’t show loyalty to a particular hotel brand simply because they have so many other options. It is time for you to adapt to a strategy that attracts Millennials to your hotel by offering them a truly unique and personalized experience.

Social Media Aesthetic is Reality

Digital signage is everywhere, but the tech-centric crowd is looking for helpful interaction from anything on a screen. Between navigational digital signage and signage decor that prompts shareable social media content, hotels can take advantage of the digitally-inclined population. Within the hotel itself, navigational signage in high-traffic areas like lobbies or near elevators, can easily be upgraded to digital form to appease Millennial demands. Adaptive screens that share general information as well as specific directions are a big hit!

In the virtual world, social media has become more than a networking tool. While each platform has its own style quirks, users tend to see business pages as informative resources. Your hotel needs to be able to integrate into the virtual world. From posting recognizable exterior signs to decor signs that share your brand image, you want Millennials to get a feel for your hotel. The popularity of tourist destinations like Santorini and Marrakech owe a great deal to aesthetically pleasing and minimally designed, Millennial-friendly hotels. Now what do Millennials really want from the hotel they stay at?

Millennials post their stay-cations on social media, most of their posts are from the hotel they stay at. Vacations for this generation are incomplete without documenting each moment in the form of a visual. Wouldn’t you like it if the subject of that popular social media photo is your hotel’s signage? These popular photos have the potential of becoming the trademark of your hotel for future vacationers, a place they must visit to take a social media perfect photo.

Signage to Remember!

For example, Logos or Exterior Signs of hotels are memorable. Let’s take “The Beverly Hills Hotel” for example. This exterior sign needs no introduction, countless people come to take a photo in front of this widely popular and rightfully attractive sign, bringing business to the hotel and even including this sign in their wedding photos as a gorgeous background. Adding a personalized exterior sign with your logo on it makes sure that it becomes a part of the social media-perfect photo, increasing chances for your hotel to become the next most popular destination. The same goes for interior signage, placed carefully on all of the picture perfect walls of your hotel, making sure that most of the photos that your guests take in your hotel, has a sign of your business peeking through.

With a team of brand experts, BlinkSigns understands exactly what your hotel needs to capture the attention of Millennials and encourage them to choose your business. Reach out to us today to learn more about our Brand Management services and signage expertise in the hospitality industry.