When the United States government imposed the lockdown in the country to prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus, barbershops, spas, and nail salons were asked to quickly shut their doors. This is because the health officials were particularly concerned for businesses like these, where services require close personal contact and take place indoors.

The government is now slowly lifting the lockdown restrictions and is allowing businesses to reopen. However, a set of guidelines was provided to business owners and they were asked to strictly follow them, as non-compliance could result in serious repercussions.

Nail Spas in particular will face greater government scrutiny as they pose a greater threat to virus exposure. This means that nail salons must take extra measures to ensure the health and wellbeing of their clients and employees.

Acrylic protective barrier solutions have emerged out as an effective measure to curb the spread of the virus in nail saps. These affordable and easy to install barriers have also been recommended by health agencies

Acrylic Sneeze Guards for Nail Spas

Since the virus is airborne, the best way to prevent the spread is by minimizing the flow of respiratory droplets between the nail technician and the client. The virus can easily enter the body if a person comes in contact with droplets produced by an infected person’s coughing and sneezing.

The salon’s staff and nail technicians are extremely vulnerable to exposure as they get in close proximity to hundreds of people daily. The best way to protect your staff is by installing acrylic sneeze guards at service stations. These transparent plastic sheets act as protective barriers and minimize the flow of respiratory droplets between customers and employees.

You can get customized sneeze guards to meet your exact needs. The installation is pretty easy and they can easily be removed, cleaned, and sanitized.

SOPs for Reopening of Nail Salons

If you want to know about SOPs provided by your particular state, you can check them out.

Here are some common and prevalent guidelines:

Temperature Checks: Salons should check the temperature of their staff each day.

Screening Questions: Salons should consider asking some screening questions for the safety of their staff and customers.

Limit People in Salons: Salons should not entertain walk-in customers and consider seeing clients by appointment only. It’s also important to limit the number of people in the waiting areas.

Maintain Social Distancing: Salons and spas should redesign their studios in a way that a minimum of six feet distance is maintained between customers.

Disinfection: Salons must disinfect and thoroughly clean their entire facility before opening. Disinfect all frequently touched surfaces on a regular basis.

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