When it comes to marketing and advertising, there are certain old-school platforms that haven’t lost their charm and will stay significant forever, like outdoor signage. There is certainly no denying the fact that we live in a digital world, and because of the exponential growth of smart devices, marketing has evolved to fit the world around it. As a marketer or a business owner, it’s imperative to explore trending and popular avenues to reach clients. However, e-consultancy reports that only 22% of businesses experience satisfactory conversion rates from digital mediums. The numbers clearly indicate that businesses are making a huge mistake by ignoring the non-digital world.

Outdoor Business Signage: The Offline Marketing King

So how can brands establish a powerful offline presence? Branded Items and Promos can drive much traction. Flyers and handouts are always a good idea but there is no debate in saying that outdoor signage is the king of traditional marketing offering the most promising ROI. The history of outdoor signage is as old as marketing itself. From that 15th century blacksmith placing a drawing of an anvil outside his shop to the flashy signs of Chinese eateries that we see today, outdoor signage is the most powerful medium to let the people know where you are – even when they are not looking for you. The benefits of outdoor signage are innumerable. In this article, we’ll discuss how outdoor signage can help you increase your sales and why you should consider it in your 2020 marketing plan.

Huge Design Opportunities With Outdoor Signage

Compared to mobile phone or TV screens, outdoor signs are huge and offer you a lot of space to be creative. A well-designed billboard can help you stand out from the crowd and win more customers. Aesthetics inspire people, and with so much creative space, the opportunities are endless. However, don’t overdo the text. It’s important that people can find relevant information easily on your sign.

Increased Visibility From Outdoor Business Signage

You have leverage to skip ads on YouTube videos but it’s almost impossible to ignore that billboard on the boulevard. The best thing about outdoor signs is that you always have a guaranteed audience. We all spend a huge chunk of our time on the road and billboards target customers when they are outdoors either going to the office or strolling on the sidewalk. Unlike social media marketing, billboards are not directly appearing in a personal space, which can often be very annoying. Instead, you are subtly influencing people to take a look at your products.

Outdoor Signage Helps Build Brand Awareness

Outdoor signage is an incredibly powerful building brand awareness tool. Since outdoor signage greatly impacts our subconscious minds, the constant exposure of brand message accelerates trust and loyalty. The sheer size of the billboard can help you make an instant connection with prospective customers, encouraging them to give you a call or visit your website.

24/7 Advertising From Outdoor Signs For Business

Digital advertising has its limitations. For instance, you pay every time your commercial is played on the screen. Another great thing about billboards is that they work 24/7. Billboards not only continually attract passersby, but are also more cost effective. Although one may argue that the message midst be kept quite short, the greater benefit is that the continual exposure of outdoor signage can hold peoples’ minds without any campaigns, or outreach.

Billboard Signage with BlinkSigns:

At BlinkSigns we love creating inspiring billboards. From the initial site survey to the final installation, our team of experts and design gurus know how to create truly original designs to help you meet your marketing objectives