Banks are one of the most boring places to be. Nobody likes visiting a bank often. Hardly anyone would take a selfie in a bank, right?

Why do bank branches appear so unwelcoming? The reason is pretty simple: in general, bank environments are very formal and dreary; something that doesn’t really resonate with millennials.

Use Digital Signage to Reinvent the Branch

Digital building signs are not just an option but a necessity to remain competitive.

While branchless online banking is on the rise, bank branches are still relevant. This might come as a surprise but millennials and GenZ-ers (who account for a major portion of customers) still want to visit banks regularly. Statistics show that 72 percent of GenZ consumers visit a physical bank branch at least monthly.

Like every other industry, customer experience is critical to banking. Unfortunately, banks are only investing in improving online banking experiences. While that is great, one cannot undermine the fact that bank branches are still relevant and banks must take steps to improve IN-BRANCH customer experiences.

Making a bank’s dry environment more fulfilling for customers appears to be challenging. Thankfully, digital signage has come to the rescue. Digital signage is arguably a powerful tool that can bring life to a financial institution.

Banks and digital signage are a perfect match. Banks are always crowded with customers in ques waiting to be heard and attended. Digital signage makes your service more organized and efficient. It also keeps the customers engaged while they wait.

Five Benefits of Digital Signage in Retail Banking

Bank Digital Signage Helps Attract and Sell

A bank with outdoor digital displays can certainly attract passers-by, an opportunity banks must capitalize on to market their products and services. Bank digital signage is the best tool to showcase your services more actively and ultimately attract new customers. ATM signs are also effective in communicating your brand’s message and ideology.

Self Service Bank Digital Signage Empowers Your Customer

Self-service banking is dominating. Online banking and ATM signs have already minimized the need for visiting a branch in-person. Most of the younger Americans visit branches for routine tasks. 45% of GenZ customers visit branches to make deposits, while 28% visit for paying bills. Kiosks are becoming increasingly popular as they cut the waiting time by allowing customers with basic queries to help themselves.

Digital Signage Automation Increases Employee Productivity

Now, this is beneficial in two ways. Firstly, it saves the customer from the agonizing wait. Secondly, with fewer customers engaging with the staff, the bankers will have more time focusing on critical requests. Kiosks and self-service digital boards can certainly increase the productivity of bank employees as they won’t have to spend time on mundane queries.

Digital signage is not just marketing, it’s a fully automated service.

Interactive Bank Interior Signs – Keep ’em Engaged

Our eyes wander while we wait. They crave engagement and interior signs can help you feed relevant content to your customers. Banks can use digital signage to share currency exchange rates, interest rates, stock market index and other useful information. Interior digital bank signs encourage customers to interact with the bank while leaving a helpful and modern impression. You can also display videos of your bank’s philanthropic projects or any other engaging content.

Any signage strategy is incomplete without interactive indoor digital signage. This kind of signage can:

be incredibly useful for collecting data from in-branch customers about their banking preferences, for example, those who still don’t use online banking etc. be used to entertain and entice the waiting partner of the consumer, most likely a non-user of the banks’s services who could be attracted to the bank’s services with the interactive indoor digital signage.

Digital Bank Signage Creates A Pleasant Environment

There is no arguing the fact that millennials love to experience. For them, the style and appeal of a place is just as important as the quality of services it provides. Digital signage can enhance the mood and ambiance of a bank by providing appealing visuals.

Smart banks realize the importance of customer engagement and are investing money to create a bank environment that customers like spending time in. Digital signage is one of the best tools to create an engaging and fulfilling experience that gets people off the couch and into the branch.

At BlinkSigns, we provide creative signage solutions to banks and financial intuitions. Our team of imaginative individuals offers original and thoughtful signage solutions to its clients.