Signage and the hospitality industry get along with each other like burgers and fries, or like Mitchell and Obama. Signage and hotels go way back, and hotels have long been using signage to increase sales and improve the guest experience. Thanks to the latest development in manufacturing technologies and computer designs, hotel signage has greatly evolved and has adapted to the increasing expectation of the hospitality consumer base.  

In due course, the competition in the hospitality industry is also getting fierce. The local hotel markets have become an immense battleground as more hospitality startups are emerging and lodging companies often find themselves fighting each other over similar types of consumers. This means that hospitality brands must step up their game and stay on top of the latest signage trends to create a strong impact and promote and protect their unique identity. 

At BlinkSigns, we provide premium custom signs to hospitality brands. In this article, our experts share some of the latest signage trends in the hospitality industry.

Go Green – Move to Eco-Friendly Signage:

Researches indicate that overall tourism is responsible for almost 5% of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. This has increased concerns amongst the industry leaders and consumers. With the green movement on the rise, consumers too have become considerate with their buying decision. Studies have revealed that sustainability is becoming a clear deciding factor in consumer choice particularly amongst younger shoppers who are willing to pay more for eco-friendly products.

Eco-friendly signage solutions are becoming increasingly popular across all industries. It is also time for retailers in the hospitality industry to go green and reflect sustainability in all aspects of their operations. EcoVinyl signs have emerged as a great alternative as they are cost-effective and recyclable. (Since Eco-signage is still in its infancy, it must be noted that durability or the quality of materials might not be very competitive).

Digital Signage is a Must Have

Millennials and Gen Z dominate today’s consumer market. These age groups only understand the language of technology and for any place to connect with them, it has to be digitally equipped. Moreover, this is the age of digital, and the hospitality industry must embrace and invest in new technologies.

Leading hospitality brands are using edge cutting-edge signage solutions to enhance the guest experience, optimize visibility and improve ambiance. Digital building signs must be installed at all important areas of a hotel and can also be used for wayfinding as they keep the customers informed and engaged.

Hospitality Signs with BlinkSigns

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