Amongst all the signage options out there, LED digital poster signs have experienced a surge in popularity particularly in the last couple of years. The reasons are pretty obvious. Not only LED posters are ideal eye-catcher display footage, but they also have manageable dimensions and are easy to move around.

At BlinkSigns, we provide a wide range of LED signs to clients across various industries. In this article, we are going to explain to you what LED poster signs are. We are also going to answer, some of the most frequently asked questions about LED signs.

What is an LED Poster?

The use of LED technologies for advertisements is not anything new and has been around for decades. LED poster sign is an all-in-one standalone screen display that is made by placing a huge number of small light-emitting diodes together. These digital displays can project messages that can include text, images, or videos.

How Does LED poster display work?

LED poster signs work just like all other LED displays but are comparatively more user-friendly compared to other LED displays. They offer high-definition display results and the pixel patch can range from P1.8 to P3.

What are the advantages of using LED posters over other LED Displays?

Both LED poster displays and other LED screen displays are dynamic tools to extend your brand message and keep visitors informed with the latest updates.

  • However, LED poster signs offer certain unique and cutting-edge features that other LED displays don’t such as
  • Since LED posters are free-standing displays, they are easily movable. You can quickly move them from one point to another without requiring any special tools and expertise.
  • LED posters come with a built-in fold-out frame that provides sturdy support to the display. Not only that LED posters can stand on their own, but the fall-out frame also has a neatly incorporated groove to discreetly tuck away the shelf when not in use.
  • LED poster displays are comparatively lighter which makes their handling easy. The average weight of one LED poster set is between 30-40 kg.
  • Another great thing about LED posters is that they offer flexibility. You have multiple installation options to accomplish all your advertising and event display needs.
  • The LED poster offers a lot of function button and connectors that help you control the brightness and manage the overall system. These features include Wi-Fi Antenna, USB port, RJ45 port, HDMI output, audio output, power adapter jack, and more.  

Are LED Poster Displays Cheaper or Expensive than Regular LED Displays?

There are certain subjective factors that determine the pricing of a LED display screen such as your specifications, preferred raw material, and technologies. However, on a whole, an LED poster is generally cheaper than other forms of LED displays and are a great option for small and big businesses alike.

What are the applications of LED digital posters?

LED digital poster is a great advertising tool that can be used by any business. They are being widely used in replacement to static printed traditional banners. They can now be seen at both public and commercial places such as, airports, shopping malls, parks, cinemas and more.

How Should I Utilize LED Posters?

The LED poster offers a viewing angle of 160 degrees. The perfect placement is to suspend them behind the front-facing windows as it will get you maximum impressions. LED posters can also be displayed in lobbies or waiting rooms to keep visitors up-to-date with the latest information.

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