Neon Signs made their debut in 1910, at a motor show hosted by the “city of lights” Paris They made a dazzling effect on the audience, and soon, neon signs became a popular fixture in outdoor advertising. Neon signs remained the most dominant signage choice until the 1970’s when LED signs came along. The two signage options are still very popular however, businesses often find themselves at the crossroads when it comes to picking between the two.

At BlinkSigns, we provide signage services and consultancy to brands and corporations. In this article, our experts aim to educate you on some of the key differences between LED signs and neon signs.

  1.   Price Point

As with every other signage material, the price is hugely dependent on subjective factors such as the design, style, and size of your project. In general, LED signs may be slightly cheaper. Neon signs are about 10 percent more expensive than LED signs. The prices are also dependent upon the supplier you are working with and the quality of the material they use.  

  1.   Energy Efficiency

If energy efficiency is your priority, then LED is the clear winner. LED signs consume less energy than Neon signs. The latest advancements in Neon technology have made it a little more energy efficient but, it’s still no match compared to LED.

  1.   Maintenance

Maintenance is also another important metric to consider when looking for a long-term signage solution. LED signs require very little maintenance, and once you have installed them, they will work for years without requiring much attention. On the other hand, Neon signs need their gases to be refilled from time to time, and that can be costly. Neon signs are still made using glass tubes and gases, meaning that they are very vulnerable to breaks and leaks, which can be dangerous for you and the environment. LEDs are safe, durable, and do not emit gas. They are also easily recyclable and environment friendly, as they leave less carbon footprint.

  1.   Installation:

Since LEDs are easy to handle and work with, they can be installed easily with few hours, depending upon the project. Owing to their weight, fragile nature, and power requirement, Neon signs can only be installed by experts. Make sure that the firm you are working with has neon installation specialists, as improper installation can cause damages.

  1.   Brightness and Visibility

LED signs are brighter and highly visible. However, when it comes to aesthetics and vibe, Neon signs appear friendlier than LED. The light neon emits is warm and welcoming and gives a retro feel. LED lights may be brighter but, they can appear cold, rigid, and harsh on the eyes.

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