As per the findings of ALA (American Lung Association) and the CDC (Center for Diseases Control), the droplets released during coughs and sneezes is our body’s way of releasing irritants found is the nose and lungs. Our natural respiratory system is capable of expelling all sorts of bugs and germs but coughing and sneezing without observing hygienic practices also mean spreading germs in a large spray of saliva. It’s hard to believe but the coughs can travel as fast as 50 mph and release up to 3,000 droplets in just a single go. Sneezes are even more lethal as can travel as fast as 100mph and generate as many as 100,000 droplets.

Containing the Spread of COVID 19

Elected officials, public health officials, and infections experts have emphasized again and again that the best tool to control the spread of the virus is social distancing. However, it is understandable that certain originations are unable to manage to ensure six feet distance between people. This is due to the nature of certain businesses for example the interaction between the cashier and grocery shopper, employees in side-by-side cubicles, and in similar cases, it’s hard to ensure the safety distance. In situations like these, you might not be able to achieve social distancing but a protective shield can help limit the spread of pathogens.

Sneeze Guards

A sneeze guard is a protective glass screen designed with the purpose to protect food as well as people from the exposure of pathogens and droplets released by coughing and sneezing. They act as protective barriers and prevent the flow of respiratory droplets between the people. However, it must be noted that sneeze guards aren’t medical devices. They possess PPE type qualities that contribute to minimizing transmission, even if customers and employees aren’t wearing masks.

Sneeze Guard Composition

At Blink brands, we are providing High-Quality Acrylic made sneeze guards. The reason why we are using acrylic sheets is that they have great impact strength. Acrylic also has excellent optical clarity which makes it the perfect resource to create sneeze guards and other protective barrier shields in the time of COVID-19. Yet another great thing about acrylic is that it’s flexible and weather-proof. Acrylic is also known for its antimicrobial properties and is easy to disinfect.

Sneeze Guards applications

Grocery stores being an essential business, remained open during the lockdowns, and sneeze guards were installed at the checkout counters. However, as we are now slowly moving towards the reopening of the economies, these sneeze guards will experience an unprecedented increase in demand. The government has rolled out SOPs for business to ensure a safe working environment for customers and employees.

Added Sneeze Guard Protection for Everyone

Here are Blink sourcing, we have pledged to offer our clients with the right solutions they need to protect themselves as well as their customers. Our dedicated staff and delivery partners in every state across the U.S. are ready and ambitious to do their part to keep everyone safe.