Any signage cost for business and store depends on several factors. So, if you ask “How much does a business sign cost?” The answer will change whenever you factor in its:

  • Size
  • Body material (type of material used and its durability)
  • Design complexity
  • Installation cost (which further depends on how difficult it will be to install the sign)

There is No Fixed Estimate

Each and every building signage cost is determined after considering such factors. That’s why no one can give you a fixed estimate. However, on average, a business sign costs between $2,000 to $3,000. 

Again, to answer your question, you can expect to pay less or more depending on your signage requirements and budget. 

At BlinkSigns, we have been successfully providing customized business and storefront signages for over 14 years. So, it’s common for a new client to inquire about our business and storefront sign cost estimates. 

Taking all that into consideration, today in this article, we are explaining how storefront or business signs usually cost and what you can expect to spend on them.

Storefront Signs

Store sign costs can start as low as $200 but they can go well over $5000. Why is there such a huge difference? It’s the scale at which the signage is being used. If you want to incorporate small banners, window wraps, and prints, then you will only need to spend a couple of hundred dollars to get the job done.

However, when you go for the big signage upfront, the exterior business signs cost increases with every small detail. As designing, materializing, and then installing the store signage requires extra time, effort, and financial means. It’s almost impossible to avoid signage solutions companies at this point. As it’s difficult to carry out this whole process on your own. We recommend consulting the experts because this should be a one-time thing. Otherwise, you can end up paying more in case your branding and  marketing strategy doesn’t work the first time.

What About Other Business Signs?

Currently, most businesses demand visibility of their signage around the clock. It’s practical but can make a huge difference because outdoor lighted signs prices are higher than non-illuminated signage. 

An illuminated sign will cost you more in comparison to most non-illuminated ones. As the cost of designing lights to go inside or around the signage will take extra effort and materials.

So, you can expect your illuminated signage cost for business and commercial use to be over $1,500. Again, when you get into the customization part of it, the prices can go up to $10,000 or even more.

Different Types of Business Signs and Their Cost

Single-styled signage cannot be the answer to today’s highly competitive market. That’s why you can find various kinds of interior and exterior signs for your business. Here are some signages that are commonly used nowadays:

  1. Pylon Signs

Mounted on either one or two poles, a pylon sign can be displayed outside to get your brand spotted easily. It can be one- or two-sided, displaying your message to the public no matter if they are facing its front or back. If the same sign is ground-mounted, then it’s classified as a monument sign.

On average, pylon business signs cost anywhere between $5,000 and $15,000. 

  1. Channel Letters

Usually displayed at the front, Channel letter signs are used to spell the name of your brand or business. As channel letters are commonly customized and illuminated, they can cost you more than you’re expecting to pay.

Currently, Quality channel letters for your signage will be in the range of $3,000 to $4,000. 

  1. Awning Signs

If kept simple, awnings might just be the most affordable signage solution for businesses like cafes and restaurants. As awnings can be set up with a budget as low as $500. However, when it’s required for larger spaces, your estimated building signage cost will be way over $10,000.

You Need A Trusted Signage Solution For Lower Costs

Ever since we opened our doors for business, BlinkSigns has put its customers first. Always. So, you can trust us to give you the best signage solution for your business at reasonable prices. If you’re thinking about revamping your brand image currently, then make use of our signage expertise to get the best for your money.