When starting a business, a lot has to be done. You have to think of a business name, domain name, logo design, website design, business cards and a lot more. You have to find the perfect location for your business as well. But what’s that one thing that your customer notices first? It’s your sign! It’s essential that your sign gets the unsaid message across to your clients. You’ll be surprised to know the kinds of common signage design mistakes we make. We have highlighted some of these to help you avoid them when the time comes to get your perfect sign designed. Let’s get started!


This is something we all learned in primary school. We have contrasting colors and complementary colors. In your signage, especially with wayfinding sign systems, you want the letters to contrast with the background they’re applied to or mounted on. Contrast isn’t about clashing. Colors of your letters should be such that they stand out against the background. But shouldn’t look flashy or garish.


Probably the worst signage design mistake: no measurements! Signs lose their charm when one runs out of space at the end. The letters that started at a distance, begin getting closer towards the end. They get wrapped awkwardly.

Other subtleties go unnoticed. Have you ever noticed that the letter “W” nestles closer to letter “A” than the letter “L”? These minor details make a significant difference in your sign. Any viewer who sees a sign with these design errors may find it to be rather odd looking.


Using fancy fonts doesn’t make your sign any more legible. If you want your clients to know what you’re saying, then choosing classic fonts is a better option. Even if your business deals with fancy things, don’t ever choose a font that is too scripted or playful. They’re simply unreadable.

Tip: Never choose Papyrus or Comic Sans!


Simple is better. It’s highly recommended that you keep your logo as simple as possible. If you make your vision blurry, your logo should be decipherable. The shape associated with your brand should be recognizable.

Another mistake we usually make is taking an image for a logo. If you’re using an image as your logo, it can be a brand asset, but not a logo. Have a creative person not so close to your brand take a look at your logo. He’s likely to tell you that there wasn’t any proper thought behind the logo.


Before you get your sign, do measure the area where you’ll be installing or mounting the sign at. Always size the lettering according to it. This way there will be a balance of negative space around the letters.

You can see the general rule on distance and letter height below:


It’s winter, and you’ve found a great place to place your sign. But what about in summer? What if that dead tree right now blooms and covers up your sign? Make sure to choose a location with good visibility throughout the year.

Don’t Forget About It!

Don’t get so wrapped up with the opening events and such that you forget to even order your signage design. Your sign is your businesses identity. Make sure you get one.

Bottom Line

You’ve got your website, logo and other imagery all set out. You made a great investment. But don’t forget to pay attention to your signage design. An attractive, physical front on your business and store will do wonders for your brand’s image. You can even check out these tips to choose the right signage and how you can maintain it.