Illuminated building signage can be seen everywhere from city streets to suburban
boulevards. While neon signs used to be a popular choice for indoor and outdoor lighted
signs, newer illuminated signage uses embedded LED lights to create different types of
signage. With their bright colors and eye-catching images, contemporary illuminated
building signage is highly effective at drawing attention to your business. If you are still
on the fence about getting LED building signage, here are some benefits to consider
when making your decision:

1. Low Maintenance
2. High Visibility
3. Brand Recognition
4. Cost-Effectiveness

Three Common Types of Illuminated Signage

When you’re looking for a lighted business sign, there are three common ways that they
are used in and around your company or storefront. While each office sign is used in a different way, illuminated building signage is always used to create an attractive
display that draws the interest of spectators.

Indoor Business Signs With Lights

Predominantly used in lobbies and plazas to create points of interest, indoor business
signs with lights are typically placed near visitor entrances or gathering locations.
Combined with other elements like landscaping and fountains, indoor illuminated
signage makes guests feel welcome.

Outdoor Lighted Signs

Typically placed on building facades and other exteriors, outdoor lighted signs act like
beacons or lighthouses directing customers to your location. While illuminated building
signage can ultimately serve many different purposes, the most common types of
exterior signs incorporate your company’s name and logo to create brand awareness
and advertise your business.

Custom Lighted Signs

The benefits of illuminated signs really stand out when you add your own personal
touches. Custom lighted signs include everything from department markers to
wayfinding boards, branded LED building signage and more. Express your company’s
personality and character with a custom lighted sign that improves the consumer

Why You Should Have Illuminated Building Signage

The benefits of illuminated signs show up in many different ways. From channel letter
signs to custom LEDs, here are the four main reasons why you should use outdoor
lighted signs.

1. Low Maintenance

Illuminated building signage built with LEDs can last for a very long time and require
little or no upkeep. LED building signage can go two decades between replacements,
and maintenance can be as simple as power washing signs when they become dirty.
Some illuminated signage can be replaced one letter at a time so you do not have to
scrap the entire installation when it finally requires some attention.

2. High Visibility

One of the easiest ways to make a first impression or announce the presence of your
business is using high-quality outdoor lighted signs. The visibility of your business during
the day and at night can drive its success. With the proper illuminated signage, you can
make a tremendous first impression on prospective customers. LED building signage is
particularly useful at night to inform customers that you are still open for business.

3. Brand Recognition

Developing a brand that people know and trust is paramount. Making your stores easily
recognizable with outdoor lighted signs that match your brand standards and identity
fosters relationships with your customers and invites them to visit your store.

4. Cost-Effectiveness

As previously discussed, the reduction in maintenance costs is one of the ways that
business signs with lights built in can save you money. Spend less on bulb replacement,
cleaning and maintenance costs with LED building signage. LED lights also require far
less electricity than neon signs or incandescent bulbs. Comparing the recurring costs
associated with other forms of advertising, illuminated building signage is easily the most
cost-effective form of marketing around.

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