It doesn’t matter if you are a small business, or a multimillion-dollar enterprise, getting the best out of your available resources can help take your revenues to the next level. If your business employs vehicles, these costly resources can be way more than just a method to get things from Point A to Point B; they also have the potential to be advertising tools on wheels.

Vehicle signage can help you grab attention and become the talk of the town. Your vehicle may be seen by thousands of customers in a busy location. A juicy ad and wild graphics flashing on the sides and back of your vehicles is an extremely cost-effective marketing opportunity that can be utilized by business owners.

However, a lot of businesses have some misconceptions about vehicle signage. Being in the signage industry for years, we have provided vehicle signage and wraps to dozens of businesses and our clients have experienced great results. In this article, we aim to clear some common misconceptions about vehicle signage.

Vehicle Wrapping Isn’t Permanent

This is the most pressing concern of many prospective clients. Many people tend to believe that vehicle wrapping means having your vehicle changed forever but that is not the case. A good quality vehicle wrap can last for years but that doesn’t mean that you cannot change or remove the wrap. Vehicle wraps offer great flexibility and you can always change the entire content or a snippet or remove the wrap altogether when you feel it’s time.

However, if you have decided to paint your vehicle, then you need to be extra careful as you’ll be stuck with the vehicle’s appearance until you invest a significant amount of money in removing it. When your vehicle is painted with company graphics, you may face difficulties when selling it.

Vehicle Wraps Won’t Damage Your Paint

Wraps pose no threat to the condition of your vehicle; in fact, they preserve your vehicle. Wraps act as an added layer of protection and can prevent your vehicle from chips, scratching, and minor scrapes. Proper installation from a professional and experienced vehicle wrapping company like Blink Signs, will enhance the value of your vehicle by making sure that the wrap fits like a glove.

Wraps Can Be Installed on Any Vehicle

Many clients are also skeptical about whether their vehicle is suitable for wrapping. They believe that wraps are only meant for vans and buses, when in fact, you can apply wraps on any vehicle. It doesn’t matter if you have cars, vans, or motorbikes, you have the ability to seize the marketing opportunity that your vehicle provides. There is no specific requirement when it comes to size, shape, and surface.

Design Possibilities are Unlimited

Another great thing about vehicle signage is that it offers a lot of creative space. Vehicle wraps can be compared to billboards as they cruise on the roads, advertising your brand without holding back. You can choose any design you want and have endless customization possibilities. Display a unique and custom message for your company.

Vehicle Wraps by BlinkSigns

Vehicle label signs are still very effective and remain a popular avenue for marketers and advertisers. At BlinkSigns, we have adorned hundreds of vehicles with beautiful wraps. We provide Custom solutions. Call us today to get our services.