More and more business clients are ordering Coroplast signs for Cleveland venues. What makes these products so popular? How could you use them for your company? Your questions – answered.

Q: What is Coroplast?

A: Coroplast is a brand name. Behind the name, you have a product that consists of corrugated plastic. Visually, this product is very reminiscent of corrugated cardboard.

Q: Is this product durable for signage manufacture?

A: You bet! A tough plastic material, it is impervious to insect damage. Moreover, it is waterproof, which makes it ideal for exterior applications. In addition to the preceding, the material is lightweight, which makes it suitable for interior applications where wall installation depends on the use of a sign material that does not unduly stress the wall surface.

Q: Is this material on part with acrylic?

A: Although acrylic is a versatile material that allows for a broad range of signage uses, Coroplast can – in some cases – replace acrylic as an ideal alternative. It also serves as an excellent substitute for PVC markers. Due to the waterproof nature of the material, some business clients prefer Coroplast to foam core boards for entryway signs.

Q: How can I use this material for my signage needs?

A: When you need signs that display outside, this material may be superior to others by its ability to withstand extreme temperatures for short periods. Two-sided lawn signs for contractors and political campaigns frequently rely on this product. The standard half-inch thickness is sufficiently rigid to create boards, yard signs and poster backdrops. The majority of our clients like this product for temporary signage needs as well as recurring seasonal displays.

On the interior with our indoor business signs, the longevity of the material is measured in decades. Replace dimensional plastic letters with Coroplast. Other uses include trade show signage, window markers, and sponsorship signs at special events, real estate sidewalk signs and signage solutions that bring in foot traffic to a venue or event. When the budget is tight, consider this material for your interior signage needs.

Q: What installation techniques does this material require or support?

A: Due to the lightweight nature of the corrugated plastic, it is frequently possible to attach it to walls with double-sided tape or Velcro. When used as boards or trade show displays, many clients favor an easel setup. For the exterior, the use of a basic aluminum stake results in effective yard signs. If you want to use the item for a window display, consider the use of suction cups, which look clean and attractive against the glass.

Q: What are the shortcomings of Coroplast?

A: The useful life of this product may not exceed two years when used exclusively outdoors. Storage in a hot trunk can result in unsightly bends. The same is true when the sign displays in the full sun on a consistent basis. On the interior or the semi-exterior (covered walkways, entryways), Coroplast is hard to beat.

When you are ready to commission your Coroplast signs in Cleveland, contact our graphic artists for assistance. We work with you to discover how the material could be suitable for your company’s many signage needs.