In recent years we’ve seen a shift in marketing. These days, traditional signage is often overlooked because of digital marketing. The once important traditional signage is now often ignored.

Traditional signage is an essential detail in any marketing plan of a business. But why are more and more businesses overlooking this top-of-the-line marketing approach? It really makes you wonder if there’s a future for signage?

Why Signage is Still a Thing

In our everyday lives, we look for signs. Literally, signs are the first thing we seek out in any place for a sense of direction. From directional and wayfinding signs to digital displays, there is no denying the power of signage.

Let’s talk about why signage is still a thing:

Visible Signage Communicates Your Business Everywhere

People use Google Maps to navigate around different areas. A customer takes an interest in your brand, but if he can’t find your store in all those bright, colorful stores, then you lost a customer. You may think that you’re getting customers with digital campaigns, catching their interests. But if they can’t physically find your store, then all that effort is lost.

Visible signage like 3D signs, channel letters or posters can put your company on the map in real life. Plus, they’re a long term investment, so it’s a win-win to use exterior signage for your business.

It’s a Cost-effective Marketing Tool

Paying for signage can seem like a taxing commitment when your online presence is good. But actual physical signage for your store, restaurant or company can bring in prospective customers because of the style of signage. Once created, your signage will continue to work for you 24/7. Old customers will get used to the signs and, new ones will remember your on-display signage for future business.

Signs Generate Impulse Purchases

Even now, in the world of e-commerce,  people enjoy the safety of looking at the items in a store and buy them. The experience of online and real-life purchase is quite different. Finding things they like, your customers can even buy something on impulse since they’re present at the store. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration research on signage, around 20% to 45% of the sales were from unplanned impulse stops. Most of these stops were a result of the business’s signage.

Signs Become Your Business’s Face

Signage is all about putting your business on a map. For a physical store location, you can’t underestimate the importance of a good sign, especially custom directional signs.

  • Help build your brand
  • Attract new customers
  • Promote new products and offers

They Serve as a Silent Salesperson

After outdoor signage, indoor signage helps sales. Once inside, the indoor signage takes the role of a silent salesperson for your brand. While online shopping is a virtual experience, virtual reality can’t beat the real-life shopping experience. Plus, with the right kind of indoor signs, your customers will stick around and enjoy their experience.

Signage is all about the experience. It’s a real, feel-good experience that is the goal of signage. Digital marketing might be on the rise, but you can’t beat the good old, physical signage to put your brand forward on the map of millions of businesses today. Get in touch with BlinkSigns today to choose and decide on indoor and outdoor signage for your business.